Ligurian Bee Honey

Kangaroo Island's world famous honey is a combination of the extensive native fauna covering almost 50% of the Island and the unique Ligurian Bee.

In 1884 the bees were introduced to Kangaroo Island to protect their genetic integrity. The government supported this action by passing legislation to proclaim Kangaroo Island a Ligurian Bee Sanctuary in 1885. Thanks to this wonderful foresight Kangaroo Island now has the only known colony of pure Ligurian bees left in the world.

Protected by the surrounding water, Kangaroo Island is a haven for wildlife. Isolated from the mainland for over 10000 years, the impact of settlement has been reduced and the island has retained close to half of its native vegetation. Without the threats posed by rabbits and foxes on the mainland, the native flora and fauna has thrived making the island a true wildlife sanctuary.


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